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Square Feats Series
First week of January 2013 till the last week of December 2013
Mixed Media on Birch Panels
30cm x 30cm (12" X 12")

Coming Real Soon

All images Copyright © Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014

A foot a week + 52 weeks

I get a lot of ideas, some good (every once and awhile there's a couple here and there), and admittedly a few too many not so good ones (a little too often if I'm being totally honest here).  I was looking to get some of better ones across and damn the ones that could be better.  I have continuously made sure to put one of those ideas (from either category) down once every week throughout this year.

Much like a visual journal of sorts, making sure to make one entry every week.  1 foot at a time, over and over again.  The ideas are jumbled, and varied.  Some are quick thoughts, some are about experimentation in technique and style, some are just art for arts sake. They just seem to be something I find my self doing and is simply part of my routine.  Individually, the pieces can stand alone, but shown together they form a loose collage of thoughts from that particular time, in that particular year.

Keep in mind....One foot forward, two feet back.  I'm really putting my foot down here.  Admittedly I'm also possibly putting my foot in my mouth with these.  But watch it there, don't be square.

This series is open and ongoing, and I consider the project quite important in my practice, as it often serves as a means of rejuvenating my artistic imagination.  This body of work, in a broadest sense serves as my artistic therapy of sorts.