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Ronnie, The Bren Gun Girl Series, 2011
Colourization Process on Print
(from Original 1941 Black and White Photograph)
112cm x 153cm (44" X 60")

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All Images unless otherwise stated Copyright © Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014

During the Canadain hey day of propaganda posters and films being made during the Second World War, Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl became an overpowering symbol and instant success.  Her iconic image was used as a call to action.  Ronnie, the literal poster boy ( pun ironically intended) of what was to become the foundations of female empowerment, patriotism and volunteerism.

Veronica "Ronnie" Foster helped inspire the most powerful movement of her time, and is one of Canada's most intriguing icons.

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The final prints found in this series were derived from a colourization process that was undertaken,
to add tonal colour to the original black and white photograph from 1941. (Pictured just above)

"Veronica Foster"
with Bren Light Machine Gun, Inglis Factory, Toronto 1941.
Original Photograph Series by National Film Board
© Library and Archives Canada PA-117563-5