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The Many Lives of Andrew Hutchison
A Series of 100 self-portraits, in name alone
Series 2012
Graphite and Ink on Gessoed 1/4" Recycled Cardboard,
Approx. 17cm x 22cm (7" x 9")

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All images Copyright
© Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014

Have you ever "Googled" yourself?  Don't lie, I know you have.  We all have.  But on the off, off chance you haven't.... Don't. It's too humbling. It turns out, you're not as unique as you thought.

You'll be amazed to find out how many of you there are out there.  I realize its a big world out there, sure, but come-on.  To have the realization that there are literally hundreds, thousands maybe, people with your exact name; Startling.  It's interesting too I suppose in away, being part of the collective.  I had thought I was pretty special, turns out really to be not so true.  Not my name anyway.  I'll have to deal with the fact there are many many many Andrew Hutchisons out there. We could have our own small country.  To be honest its way more than I comfortable with.
(But, it should be noted, that if I did have a vote in our proposed new country, we should call our island "Hutchland" if given the chance).

Well what can I do, except to say "here's to all us Andrew Hutchisons". I hope it all works out great for all of us.  But let's be honest, very likely, on any specific day theyre has to be one of us having a great time and one that's really having a tough one.  But I'm hoping good things for all of us.

Listed on this page are some selected images from the first series of drawings, of the first 100 other known
Andrew Hutchisons, besides me.